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Refundable Medical Expense Supplement

Have an Alberta resident who has income of $6388, medical expense credit of $588.02 on line 232 of her return however there is no Refundable Medical Expense Supplement being calculated. When I go through the worksheet I calculate she should be getting $147.01. Anyone have advice why its not calculating?

Probably because they do not have income pursuant to ITA S122.51, since you did not state that they do…

She has employment income and ei benefits and that is her only income sources.

As I mentioned, probably because they do not have sufficient qualified income pursuant to ITA S122.51, since you still did not state that they do…

I think Joe is basically saying that unless her employment earnings by themselves are in excess of the $3,565 minimum threshhold she has no qualified income, and no Refundable Medical Expense Supplement.

Thank you snowplowguy that is exactly the reason. Employment income is only $1411.

I found that you need to be careful regarding this supplement. When you have spouses, and only one has enough qualifying income, there does not seem to be any auto (or enforced) transfer of the medical to the spouse that can claim the supplement. Unless I am missing something here.