Change period of claim for medical expense

I’m trying to claim medical expenses paid between Sep 2017 to July 2018 in the reporting tax year 2018. In Taxcycle, do I’ve to override the ‘Period of claim’, as default dates are a calendar year?

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I have a client with substantial medical expenses paid but not needed in 2019. I would like to carry them forward for possible use in 2020. However, the optimizations don’t seem to allow me to do that. The “Carryforward maximum” option allows for a period 2018/01/02 to 2019/01/01 but what I need is 2019/01/02 to 2020-01-01 (i.e don’t claim them this year, save them for next year. We can do that with donations - why not with medicals?

The only work arounds I have found are (1) override line 33099 to zero or (2) don’t enter the 2019 medicals at all. Is there a better way?

Unlike Donations, in the INCOME TAX ACT, there is no such thing as a “carry-forward of medical expenses”, so that is likely why Taxcycle is not catering to it in the preparation of a T1 for the current year…

Perhaps better to note it in a spreadsheet for your consideration in 2020 T1 when choosing a new reporting 12 month period in respect of year 2020 medical expenses…


The carry forward max option means that only medical expenses dated Jan 2 2018 to Jan 1 2019 will be claimed in 2019 (ie probably nothing) so if you enter all the rest of 2019 medical expenses dated in 2019, when you roll forward and open the 2020 return all the 2019 expenses will be listed already (“carried fwd”).

I happen to be the one you can blame for this feature, haha