Logo Not Displaying correctly

Logo not displaying correctly.

I have Tax Cycle installed on my Surface Pro and on my Desktop computer. I was adding my new logo and it works great on the surface, but on the desktop the logo is larger and overlaps.

Any suggestions on how to fix this so it displays correctly


Hi @mjeconsulting. To look into this further, I need a little more info…

  1. Did you insert the logo in options or in a custom template in the Template Editor?
  2. If you customized a template, can you send it to me so I can see what you see.
  3. Can you tell me the screen resolution on the Surface Pro vs. the Desktop?


Hi Elizabeth,

I inserted the logo using the options.
Desktop screen resolution is 1920 X 1080
Surface Pro screen resolution is 2160 X 1440

Hope this helps


And, just to confirm, where you’re seeing the problem is it in a template that has been customized in any way?

We have a knowing issue with the logos inserted in options resizing if the template is customized. The workaround is to insert it directly in to the template instead.

I am using the original templates. Like I mentioned it is displaying and printing correctly on my surface, the issue is when I use my desktop. I was wondering if it was just a setting I got screwed up, but I am using the original templates and tested it on all templates that a logo would display and it is overlapping a larger than it should be.

Are you sure you are using the same size image file on both computers? Is it possible the file is different on one compared to the other?

I just reconfirmed that the logo file is the same size on both computers and I just to make sure copied the logo that is displaying correctly on my surface and copied it to the template folder on my desktop and same situation. It is really puzzling?

We had this problem in our office and eventually realized it was due to different windows display settings on the other computers. I had mine set to medium (125%) when I created our headers and the others were set to smaller (100%). When I changed the others - all was well.

I ended up resizing the logo on my desktop and now it appears to work fine. I’ll keep you posted if it changes. In the meantime @Elizabeth thanks for your assistance and @jriley assistance as well

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