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Locking / Workflow

We can manually lock files, have it automatically locked on printing, and automatically locked on completion. Any chance there could be an option to add Lock File to workflow items? It would be nice if a file would automatically lock when we complete the review. I am sure others may want their files locked at other points, so it would be nice if there was a checkbox in the Workflow options to lock the file when an item is checked off.

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In order to do exactly what you are asking, I set up a “review” print set. This print set is created with the “lock file” option selected, and generates a doc (any you choose) that “prints” to a pdf printer. I do not save the file. A rather round-about way of achieving, but it works for me.

In fact, I use the same functionality to open an email to the client from within TC. A file is generated and opens the default email program with the taxpayer (principal, spouse, dependant) email address. I then delete the attachment and complete the email body as normal.