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Adding memos after file is locked


It would be nice if after the file has been locked we could still at least add a carryfoward memo.

Sometimes I’ll learn something about a client that I need to remember for next year (e.g. change in marital status or new baby), but the return has already been filed and locked.

I would like to go in and add a memo so that when I carryforward the file down the road I’ll see the reminder. But right now, you can’t add a memo to the file if it’s locked. I have to unlock it, add the memo and relock it.

Or just have it so the Special Instructions Section on the Engagement worksheet didn’t lock so the note could be added there. (Or create a separate note section all together for these post-filing notes) However I would prefer the individual memos, so that I can tag it to the specific part of the return it relates to.

Anyway, it would be great if we didn’t have to mess with the locking of the file just to add a memo.

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Unlock and add, then lock again.

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Yeah thanks, but as I said above that’s what I’m trying to avoid doing. It would be easier if we could just open a file, add a memo and close the file. No extra steps required.

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You could leave the file unlocked and then you could do exactly what you’re saying. That’s what I do. There….I admitted that to the whole world
:blush:. You just have to be careful.

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Wow. If clicking Unlock and then clicking Lock is too many steps…….
Can always revert to sticky notes in a paper file

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