Industry code?

Anyone know the industry code for a cooperative housing corporation? For T2.

I don’t know. Here is a search tool for the codes:

Try 813990 in the search box.

I would use the following:

Real estate property managers - 531310

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As a Treasurer to a Condominium Corporation, we use a NAICS code of 561799 - All other services to buildings and dwellings. I would presume a Co-op would be similar.

I was a member of a housing co-op years ago. It was overseen by a community development agency to qualify for the government funding available. The co-op itself did not own the housing assets, because each member was to take over their own mortgage after 5 years. As such, the co-op was basically a non-profit (membership) organization (though technically reported as a “for-profit” for various reasons).

The accountant at the time filed using NAICS code 925110 (Administration of housing programs), though some members suggested that 624229 would have been more appropriate (“Sweat equity” organizations), given that the group was expected to put in a collective effort (manual labour) to improve the properties (a list of required upgrades was prepared by the provincial housing authority).

I agree with @hudson in the use of 813990 - the NAICS description for this code specifically includes “Cooperative owners’ associations”. I use 813990 for condominium corporations, as that is also specifically listed under this NAICS code.

I wouldn’t use 651799 as suggested by @cracctg (unless the co-op’s primary function is to provide physical services to the properties) - read the NAICS description and examples.

In any case, I would choose the code to use based on the primary function of the co-op. These codes are mainly used by Statistics Canada, not CRA. So, where do you want this organization to show up in Stats Can numbers?