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Industry Code Suggestion for Selling Telus Home Services door to door

Any suggestion for Industry Code in T2125, commission Income for Selling Telus Home Services (Phone, Internet, Security system and or other services) door to door.
Some international students work with Telus to sell their home telecommunication services, what industry code will be the best for this type of work.

direct sales

517919 All other telecommunications - see examples taxcycle lists for this code

This highlights how useless most of the SIC codes are for small biz. I’d have to bet that the vast majority fall into some (generally misclassified) “other” category. No doubt this is aggregated as misinformation to be used by StatsCan and sold to the unsuspecting public.

From the NAICS Association site:
59630400 - Home related products, direct sales

NAICS Association site - I would love a link within TaxCycle for faster search for the right code to complete in T2125.

I am not sure which is the best site to use. Sometimes I check a couple of versions before I find the best match. If there are two or three possible matches then I note the other possibilities and why I chose the number that I did enter.