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Immigrant/Emigrant form exception preventing efiling

I have an exception for the imm/emigration form for a spouse in a couple as the other was self employee and had negative income in her T1 (first page). Therefore the imm/emigrant form is refusing to accept “0” as a corresponding value for income while in Canada and would not take any negative amount either.
Any solutions? See print sc below:




Try $1 instead.

There are a few places on the CRA’s system where they rewrite NIL to be $1 - Perhaps this is one such. And, in the end, what difference will $1 make?

Thanks does not work either because $1 does not match the T1 return info which is negative. So system is confused. Would be nice if a system admin can help on this one.

Try $1 in the line 104 or 130 to match with $1 Tim suggested.

This is a user forum. Sys admin here tries to keep people abiding with the forum rules, principally be polite to others. Not technical problems.

Technical support opens tomorrow morning. You can call them - they are very responsive during office hours.

Alternatively, email support is available.

While staff do monitor this forum, technical support does not normally respond to user forum questions. You would be well served by calling tomorrow.

I have tried to give you a possible solution. You did not accept it, which you have the right to do. I doubt you will get something better until tomorrow when support is available and you either call or email them.

But, when you get the solution, please share it here. I would like to know.