How to stop date from pre-printing on T1032

I’m trying to print the T1032 form without the date being pre-printed since we don’t know when the client will be in to sign. The T183 and other forms print without dates as intended, but every time I clear the date on the T1032 and print the form, the date field is completed automatically. Is there an option that I’m missing?

New File
T1013 Default Values
Signing Date

The options are No default, Insert current date on transmission, or Enter signing date Manually or leave blank.

I don’t know if that will work for an existing file though.

The question was about T1032. I have the same complaint.


Sorry – I read it wrong. It must be late April :scream:

No problem. It is late April,so obviously it’s not going to be an issue much longer, but I thought I’d throw it out there to see if it’s something that can be resolved for next year.

I am likely partially responsible for this addition as I hated forgetting to enter the date and printing the form dateless so I requested that it could be treated like the T183 and T013. I guess though it should be an option as not everybody appears to like it this way.

I think what TaxCycle does at present is populate the date based on the the signing date you’ve entered on the info form. If you leave the signing date on the info form blank, the T1032 will be blank as well.

We are going to do a wholesale review of date options this spring. Everyone wants something a little different, so we’ll try to create a set of options that will allow the flexibility this community requires.

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~ Cameron

That’s exactly what I thought, Cameron. I have the other date settings configured to NOT enter the default date (eg. on the T183 and T1013) and they work great. I leave the signing date on info form blank as well. However, even if the date on the T1032 is blank, it’s not configured to enter the date when printed, and the date field on the info screen is blank, it seems to do populate the date anyway when printed. The only way I’ve been able to print blank dates is to override (F2) the date field and delete the date, if any, that exists there. Only with the override on does the form print without a date.

In any event, I understand the difficulties of trying to please everyone. Hopefully it will end up with sufficient flexibility to accommodate most (and I hope I’m in the majority … haha).

My two cents: Perhaps the best option would be as follows:

  1. All date fields are blank and manually editable by default.
  2. Check box (or button) beside each date field that will populate the date field with today’s date with a single click.
  3. If a date is recorded in the signing date field on the info screen, all signing date fields in the various forms would become static (but may be over-ridden) and reflect the date on the info screen.

I think that might accommodate the needs of most … or maybe not.

Personally, I don’t understand why people would want the date field to populate based on the date transmitted. The forms technically have to already be printed and signed before transmission, thus making that option somewhat redundant.



Personally, I fill in the signing date with the date the client review meeting is scheduled for. That way I can print them ahead of time. For those clients that insist on “just dropping in” - they get to wait while printing is done with the correct date (which I’m hoping will deter them from making this a habit)

So my “vote” is for auto fill date fields.