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How fast are the refunds coming?

It appears that Government Services is releasing the refunds early for direct deposit.

I have a client who the CRA said that the Notice (and deposit) will be available on Monday March 4. She got it on Friday March 1.

My automated emails telling people to watch for the refunds are off by one business day. I need to edit the code now.

From what I’m told so far about 10 days.

It has been consistent for quite a few years. Assessments Mondays and Thursdays with a slight difference around Easter. 8 days seems to be the minimum. ie. Submit before Thursday likely to have on the following Thursday. Submit before Monday likely to have on the following Monday.

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Why on earth would you want your letter to be that precise for an action that you can’t control?
7 - 10 days = good enough in my books.