Handwritten T4

Had a customer claiming that CRA will no longer accept handwritten T4’s

He had one from 2018, the CRA did not have a copy , employee sent in his copy and the CRA refused to accept it, and reassessed his return without it.

Anyone experience this yet?

I have a few clients that get handwritten T4s so far I had no problem in 2018

This year I got some too, but I have to say that I paper file those returns because the clients are non residents



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Over the years always accepted

However, post last tax … had handwritten T4 that CRA had no record of… sent in at their request and it was accepted.

** A couple of months later, the employee received a questionnaire from Payroll Matching Program looking for info on this employer including
names, address, phone numbers, dates he was employed, etc…**

Still nothing had been denied…

** My advice would be to file a T1 Adjustment with all the details about this employer, location, home address, bank and location, pay stubs,
copy of ROE, basically whatever the employee remembers.**

I have at least one handwritten T4 every year. I file the tax by efile and never had any problem. If the employer did not mail in his T4 copy and T4 summary, I can see it being a problem. Although why CRA would not accept a T4 is beyond me. Someone is reporting income and is willing to pay tax on it.

They accept part of it. They are willing to include the income, but if they can’t find a match filed by the employer they will disallow the tax and other withholding reported on it…

I think it has more to do with the employer not filing the slip with CRA so it is not valid than the handwritten part.