Gender Code on Templates

I am working on a template and want to access the Gender field on the Info screen. The male and female boxes have the same code. Is the test whether one is a “0” or “1” or is it something else (or is it even possible to test the value)?

The gender code is used for populating the TP1 return (Quebec Individual Tax Return), but not for the Federal Tax Return. I will caution you (given that I have two non-CIS persons as clients,) that you should be careful about the use of this field as it could give rise to a Charter gender discrimination complaint. I use the field, but only for the purpose of completing the tax return.

Viewing the TP1 return, the gender field is likely to be value 1 for Male and 2 for Female. I will add that the term gender isn’t the actual name on the return - Revenu Quebec uses the offensive English term “sex” or the French term “sexe” instead of “gender.”

To test this, I would use the template editor, creating a temporary form with that field. Open the template in the taxpayer’s return and play with changing the gender and see what the form shows.

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Thanks Tim. I’m just using it for a template to be used internally. I did play around with it last night and the test values are “Male” and “Female”.

Are there language differences? If you change the template language to French or the taxcycle language presentation to French, do the terms change?

That I don’t know as I haven’t had the need to change to French (and don’t know how to do it!).

To change the template property to french, within the template editor and with the template open, go to the properties tab on the left. It is one of the options. Check out Modifying a built-in template at the bottom to see the properties tab at

To change TaxCycle to French, see Viewing forms in French at

No matter what the language, you can use the Gender field in a template. Here’s how to specify which gender:

{{CurrentClient.Info.ID.Gender = “Male”}}
{{CurrentClient.Info.ID.Gender = “Female”}}

The templates do not take into account this field. It is in the return to support the Revenu Québec requirements.

Thanks Elizabeth. I’m only using it to do some demographics on my T1 clients.