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Foreign Income Slip

I don’t see a currency exchange for Poland (PLN) in the drop down menu for foreign income slip like last year.
Have to override exchange rate to .37 CDN.
Issuer is properly identified as Poland.
Omission or am I missing something?

Issue with Bank of Canada exchange rates.
As Mark suggested, a simple rate override solves the issue.

For details on the currencies now supported by the BoC, which is the list we use, see this:

Guess I missed this blog…

For currencies no longer on the Bank of Canada site, I have been going to

I choose
Duration: Year
Starting Date: Jan 2017
Ending date: Dec 2017
Base Currency: Polish Zloty . PLN
Quote Currency: Canadian Dollar . CAD

The results are attached.

Thanks Helga for your reply. That is exactly what I did.