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Foreign address on T776

The CRA EFILE system does not accept addresses for rental properties without a Canadian postal code. So, if the rental property isn’t in Canada, you need to do a little more work if you need to claim a credit on foreign tax paid.

**On the T776, enter the property address, but use the home address of the taxpayer, along with the province and postal code.**

I don’t know how that can be done, TaxCycle will not allow me to enter anything but a Canadian address in the field for the rental property address.

CRA does require a Canadian postal code for the return to be accepted through EFILE.
Put as much of the actual address of the property in the first field of the address line. For the City, Province and Postal Code fields, enter those of the client’s home address.

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That is what I was doing. It turns out that the reason TC was not accepting the address in the first field was that I used commas to separate the parts of the address. Once I removed the commas, it worked.

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For the city we enter Not in Canada, for the province we enter the landlords province and for the postal code we enter H0H0H0 and we have no problem efiling.

Does your tenant wear a red suit?

Yep, a red suit and a bunch of reindeer close by. Arliss, you’re sharp for April 30th! Actually I was told to use that postal code for US property back in the days when Profile was a real good program. . .