Financial statement notes are missing

In my opinion, it would be more useful to link this message to the ‘Notes’ page, rather than the S141

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I have mentioned this before as well

We are adding a hyperlink in the message to get you directly to the notes.

Planning for a release next week. Expect it then.


@BertMulderCGA and @james1,

In the past, we added a hyperlink text to “missing financial statements notes” review message. Apparently, there are two more messages in S141 regarding financial statement notes. (Sorry @james1, hence, we may have thought that we fixed the issue from your original request.)

The three S141 messages are:

  • Indicates if [notes to the financial statements] were prepared.
  • Return contains [financial statement notes] but this question is not answered Yes.
  • [Financial statement notes] are missing.

I just added the hyperlinks in the texts so it will be in the TaxCycle release next week.The review message texts above in the square brackets will have hyperlinks that will open the Notes form.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Have a great week.


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