Error 108

I transmitted 1013 and 183 with the option to get NOA. All gone through. One return was filed on 23rd and one is today but in both cases, CRA does not let me download NOA. Getting error 108 as attached.
Does anyone else getting the same error or its only me?

In the past I obtained an error prevented me from receiving the eNOA download if and when I had a

  • c/o address for a client
  • a parent signing for a youth, or
  • an executor signing or a deceased return.

In these cases there were additional paper filed verifications required or some blocks.

For tax year 2019 filed in 2020, the c/o address block can be removed by calling the CRA Individual Enquiry line and asking for assistance. Usually this is as simple as cleaning up the address field as instructed by the CRA call centre agent.

Sometimes there are some