Entering the T5013 slip into T1, T3 etc

You know what would very helpful for large slips like the T5013 would be having a box number input area that I could key in the box number and the program would jump to that line and provide a nice highlighted cell to get my attention. I find that my eyes go buggy looking for the box number as I scroll up and down.

I have indicated the best place for it.

It could work for other slips as well but the T5013 is the best one.

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@james1 Thank you for the suggestion! I wonder if you tried our Find in form feature? In the T5013 slip (or any other forms/slips) press Ctrl+F to open a search window to enter the text/box number you want to find on the current form. TaxCycle highlights all the matches. Use the arrows on the far right in the search window to skip through each one.

Let us know if that helps at all or if you would still prefer to see a box number input area on the slips.



I do not want to hit Cntl-f all the time, I want the find form there all the time so I can just type the number and hit return.

Why add two key strokes?