Email address for contact person on T4/T5 -- where does it go?

I see there is also an email address on the ‘info’ for the T4 and T5 summaries. The CRA forms on the website don’t seem to have this on their forms – so I am wondering where this goes. Does this get sent to CRA?

Is there a way to do a global override so it doesn’t come up as an error for each form?

Regarding the global override if you watch this You Tube Video it will tell you how to do just that. The whole video is very informative but if you just want that part you can skip to close to the end.

Jim Burch

I took a quick peek at the video.

From what I can tell, it just let’s me override it with MY email address. Doesn’t seem to let me leave it blank.
I suppose I could put a fake one in. It depends on where the email address goes.

I was referring to the ability to turn off the Review message. I believe if you uncheck this box then the warning will no longer show up.

Hope that helps.

Jim Burch

I did find that before, but it doesn’t let me deselect it. It’s greyed out. There are other options I can deselect, but not email.

Is there a secret? This is for the T4s & T5s and T5018s.

Ok,now I want to Efile a T4 that isn’t mine. I need to know how to get rid of the email address for the contact person when it isn’t me. It won’t let me override and I don’t really want to put my clients email address in here.

The options doesn’t let me check off the box to ignore contact email. It’s greyed out.

Does the email address actually go to CRA? Can I just put in a fake one if I can’t override?



I had a quick look and it appears that the email address is sent to CRA. Our T4 expert will be in first thing this morning. I’ll ask him to respond as soon as he gets in.

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~ Cameron

Hi Michelle,

The email address, is part of the xml file that is sent to the CRA when internet filing slips - according to government specifications : this is a required field under the contact section of the xml slip files sent


This is why there is a warning on the field when it is not filled out. Note: You will notice this same functionality in all other slip modules as the top section of internet filed slips all contain the T619 transmitter/contact information section at the top of the xml file.



Ok, I guess that means that I have to put my email address in there even if I am not the contact. I don’t have authority from my clients to use their email address.

It would be interesting to know how CRA is planning to use the email address since they typically don’t use email.


Hi Rob I am new to Taxcycle and we are uncomfortable sending email information to CRA in regards to our clients. In DT max this was not a requirement for the 2018 returns. I tried the link in your post and it is no longer on the CRA site. Can you please confirm that the CRA wants email addresses for either our clients or us to contact us. This does make much sense as they do not accept email and will not correspond through email.

Hi Don,

Yes the email is still a required component of electronically filing slip returns, the updated government specification link for the T619 (which is required as the top section of an xml return) can be seen here:

The specific contact email is still listed as required, I don’t know how often they actually use it to contact xml transmitters but as it is mandatory for us to include - we will continue listing it as required:

Contact e-mail address
- Required 60 alphanumeric



Hi Rob

Perhaps you crossed my email address with someone else.

I was enquiring about the transmitter account number. I don’t know what this is.

I have an efile number and password. I have transmitter password which starts with MM

I have a Web access code.

The software is also asking for a transmitter account number which is 9 digits then AA then 4 more digits.

Do I need this to transmit t4 slips?

If so how do I apply for it.


Ted Beales


In short yes, you will need that - you can get an account number for yourself as a preparer or use the account number of the company issuing the slips.

This is a link with help for the slip filing process:

Here are links to the government site that will lead you to contact numbers:

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