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Not sure if this is a topic for EFile or for Client Manager, but since there are so few for EFile, I thought I would use that :slightly_smiling:

Is there a way to limit the efile report that we export to Excel? Last year there was a ‘minimal’ report that worked for us, but we don’t see it this year. All we really want to see on that report is the client name and if the efile was accepted or rejected for that client.

It would be nice to have either that minimal report option back or be able to select the columns we want to have exported. (Allowing the columns to be selected would probably result in fewer requests to you to change the report.)

From the List Returns View in TaxCycle, the Excel icon contains a drop down of export options. For a minimal export, select the first option. To show the EFILE status in its own column, apply the T1 module filter first. This will split each transmission status into it’s own column. This export does contain a few more columns than you’re after, but the exported data is restricted to what’s visible in the search results grid.

With regards to column selection. We’re planning to add custom grid and export column selection after this T1 filing season.

I think the efile report that Matthew may have been referring to is the one that is automatically exported after filing a batch. I don’t see any option to define what is exported. Am I missing something?

@jriley, you are correct. What Andrew is describing doesn’t resolve the problem in the automatically exported spreadsheet that happens after the efile. That is where there was an option last year for a less detailed export and we would like to see it brought back.


@Andrew has just promised me that we will bring the minimal efile report back for the next release.


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@Andrew, Thanks for adding the minimal report in the last release. Our efile person wants you to know you made her day!

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We are using version 5.0.29262.0 - the latest release according to what I can see. Did we miss a new release?


Nope… @matthew has a beta because he was helping us troubleshoot an emailing issue that seemed to show up more often in his terminal services environment.

We are putting the finishing touches on the release now. You’ll see it posted most likely on Monday.


~ Cameron

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