Efile error codes

This was my first time efiling, a T1013 for a T1, which was rejected. The reject code was T840 and I have no idea what it is and how to correct it. The description was “Form #1 An unknown error code was received”. Can anyone help?

Appears that error code T840 means

The RepID entered in Part 2 A. of the form has not been activated. To activate the RepID, it must be associated to a business that has been registered with the Represent a Client service. For information regarding this, please refer to the Canada Revenue Agency’s Represent a Client online service at www.cra.gc.ca/representatives

It appears that you may have missed a step in activating your RepID

The above code is from an older efile manual; however, @cameron should be able to confirm it since he likely has access to the most current error listing since the most current efile manual I can find says it is no longer relevant; however, it appears that this is not the case if you received it.

Thanks James. I’ll contact Efile Services and get it activated.