EFILE Email Redacted

I have a few client who have contacted me saying the EFILE email that is composed from the TC system is now showing up with the text body redacted in black.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I have had quite a few and it seems to be all on Apple devices, if I send to myself and receive on my iPhone all blacklined. Open on PC in Outlook fine. I tried other templates and what I found was any that are customized/cloned and edited this happens to. If I use a generic template or send form my email client not form TaxCycle they are o.k.? I have sent to tech support and Marc contacted me but nothing since. Very problematic and makes us look unprofessional.

We’re taking a look at this. Do you notice if it has anything to do with “Dark Mode” on the phone?

Thought originally that was the issue as some had, but I don’t and if I send to myself text is all blacked out. So not the cause?

So, it’s interesting, if you enable Dark Mode and then view the email, when you go set it back to Light Mode, it displays correctly.

We’re looking at fixing this in a few different ways, including adjusting our default templates, but in the meantime, there is a tiny little piece of code you can remove from the template file if you open it in a text editor to make it work.

Open your template file in a text editor (like Notepad or Notepad++) so you can see the code and remove all instances of background-color:transparent;

If you make this change, DO NOT go back into the Template Editor and re-save the file as it will just put the code back.

The other caveat is that we don’t yet know whether removing this will cause issues for other email clients. This is valid code, but it is being interpreted strangely on iOS at the moment.

Update: It looks like we’ll have a fix into TaxCycle for the release later this week.

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Brian remoted in and edited my cloned templates in notepad and seems to work now without redacting. Will I be affected by the update or have to do anything further. Thank you very much for addressing this wonky issue so fast and professionally!!! Love the TaxCycle team!

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Hi Elizabeth,

I have had a client flag this to me this morning as well. Has there been a solution as of yet, or use the workaround noted above?