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Editing posts

Previously, I had the ability to edit posts in the forum.

Seems like this functionality has been removed?

We haven’t changed any settings explicitly. I’m not sure what is going on. Is this happening with just posts you created? Or other users’ posts too?

I will increase your “Trust Level” and see whether that helps. Let me know.

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Thanks Elizabeth, that fixed it. It was the editing of other people’s posts that was disabled, but now works again

(to reassure people, I like to ‘pigeonhole’ things. So on a periodic basis I would go through topics and assign those that were unassigned. I will never go and willy nilly change the body of people’s posts)

You lose your trust level automatically if you do not log in enough over the summer Bert. I think I have also lost my ability to fix posts due to being away. I do not believe i can access the lounge anymore either.


that is to bad, @james1

And I was just planning to have a party in the lounge…



I’ve extended the time to retain Trust level 3 so that hopefully people who participate as much as you both do don’t get demoted so quickly. Hopefully this helps.

Also, @james1 and @BertMulderCGA, I have manually set you to Trust Level 4 (Leader).

This is a special category. You can only get here if an admin sets it. And, you can’t be demoted at this level:

“Leaders are regulars who have been around forever and seen everything. They set a positive example for the community through their actions and their posts. If you need advice, these are the folks you turn to first.”

This is what you can do at this level:

  • edit all posts
  • pin/unpin topic
  • close topic
  • archive topic
  • make topic unlisted
  • Split and merge topics
  • Daily like limit increased by 3 ×

Use your powers wisely, my friends. Ask me if anything seems amiss. Thank you for joining into the discussion.



hope the power won’t go to my head



With triple the power to Like, your lives will be bliss! :grinning:


@matthew, I have increased your trust level too as you’re online quite a bit as well.