DoxCycle Source Documents List

One of the great features I found with DoxCycle this year has been the ability to define your own source documents and have them categorized upon scanning.

I have created about 26 of these so far but the most recent one I created doesn’t show up on this list. I’m not sure if there is a maximum # you can create or if it is limited by my screen width. Is it possible to see more on these when I click on the down-arrow?

As I have created a large number of new items, I do not think you have run into a maximum…

Double check that you actually linked it to the list. Setting up a source document is a two stage process, setup the document and then drag the said document to the document tree

Thanks for the replies @james1 and @BertMulderCGA. I’ve attached a screen shot. The source documents will show in columns of 3 docs per column and seem to run off the screen but I can’t scroll right to access them.

Also, if the support team is reading this, it would be great to be able to re-order the source documents list.

I get it now., I misunderstood the question. I have never tried to add that many source documents to the ribbon. in my initial response I thought you were referring to the directory tree on the left hand side.

I may have gone overboard with these source document types but it is very handy to have them automatically categorized. Just wish I could access them beyond a certain number.

go to view/page width

I tried that but the source document list still runs off the right side of the screen.