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DoxCycle Rollforward/Perm file

I have a lot of clients with self managed investments, and we are constantly running into issues where we have to track all their investments (because they don’t, or don’t know how). And client who have off-year-end medical periods… and clients who give us things throughout the year that apply to next year, etc…

I’m wondering if it would be possible to have a feature in DoxCycle where we could mark items (like trading summaries - and medical receipts dated outside of the claim period, and other things) for roll forward into next year’s DoxCycle file… and then have the doxcycle file roll forward when we roll forward the TaxCycle file.


I would also be very much in favour of this suggestion, which has a much broader application than just those specific items mentioned. I agree exactly with the way this has been proposed (i.e. roll fwd doxcycle file when T1 is rolled forward and select the pages/documents that should be marked for roll forward).

Me too, I asked Cameron about this at the New Westminster seminar in December last year. He thought it was a good idea at the time but nothing has been done about it so far. Maybe this will help for next year.



I am very much in favour of this DoxCycle Rollforward/Perm File.

I would like this for all of the following:

  • T3, box 42 return of capital. I add this to my ACB.

  • Self-managed investment continuity. I am not sure how this works in DoxCycle. I maintain a single Excel Workbook. Separate Excel sheet per investment name maintaining the ACB continuity and YE average cost per unit with closing balances of units and values. A separate sheet calculates the the yearly proceeds and ACB.

  • Medical cost continuity.

  • Medical travel continuity.

  • T5013 contracts which extend for more than one year.

  • T5013 conversion ACB’s when converted from flow through to regular shares.

  • Other types of ACB’s such as Rental Property, other investments, etc.

  • Child custody agreement and child expense.

  • Separation + divorce agreement with taxable spousal support.


For clients in this category, and only where the need is relatively great, I simply create a separate folder and store the relevant PDFs, Excel, Word or whatever documents.

For reasonably simple carryover info, (Meds, Donations for next year, RRSP slips for next year - mostly things inadvertently provided “this” year…) then DoxCycle rollover as requested would be handy for that.

I did like the Pr*file method of “hyperdocs” for attaching Excel (and other files) directly though.

Yes, that is what we did before, and continue to do, but it is infinitely less searchable/easy to use than doxcycle which is a proper document management system.