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DoxCycle Printer: Wishlist

One of the things on my wishlist for DoxCycle is a printer driver. I am thinking something along the line of the PDF driver. It would be wonderful to be able to print from any source (CRA’s website through a browser, Word, Excel, an accounting program, etc.) directly to a DoxCycle file by specifying the file you want it to go to.

This would save the step of printing or saving to PDF and then having to get the PDF into the DoxCycle file.


I have been asking for a while. I am sure @Cameron is getting tired of my request by now. I think there was a very prototype doxcycle printer driver constructed a while back that was never released. It would be nice if they had a beta we could try and tweak similar to the process used for the development of the calculator tape in Taxcycle.


I would be willing to test that :smile:

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I would really like this as well.

Business Requirement #1 - simplify workflow
My basic requirement is to minimize the disruption to my production workflow caused by the concentration to deal with the variances required to maintain the documents in their respective locations. This may seem to be trivial. However at the end of an eight hour or ten hour day during tax season there is a significant difference in physical and mental exhaustion between working on semi-auto pilot on simple, habituation tasks vs working in high concentration mode on complex and exception tasks.

I have the following document location needs-

  1. In production.
    I have a working region where I maintain all my apps and their respective reports.

Production locations
Client docs folder on my computer.
My Taxcycle
Public QBDT

  1. Complete production task and post work product to client portal or client DMS. I use Sharefile. Switched from SmartVault due to Zapier integration and workflow automation.

Sharefile locations
Smith, John, T1 2017
Smith Corp 2017, T4

  1. Tax Documents copied to Doxcycle.

Doxcyle location
My Doxcyle

Business Requirement #2 - save time
Time saving with Doxcycle printer
The time savings during tax season by having a Doxcyle printer option I would estimate as follows.

Time savings per each print request = 2 secs
quantity per day during tax season = 100 prints
daily time savings = 200 secs
monthly 25*200 = 5000 secs / 60 = 83.333 mins = 1.4 hrs
three months = 1.4 hrs * 3 = 4.2 hours per tax season

However this does not represent the true time savings and quality issues due to document search for latest and last version, tax return redos, and tax adjustments required if needs.

This can result in an additional 2-3 hours per week in review and quality tasks.

12 * 2.5 = 30 hrs per tax season

@Cameron Is there any chance of this being developed (maybe using the code in TaxCycle that lets us print directly to DoxCycle)?

Every year at this time it comes to mind…


I second that. I am constantly making little excel sheets which would be nice to save to doxcycle via a print function.