Doctor's letter, note or filling out medical form

Does anyone know whether a Doctor’s letter, note or filling out a medical form qualifies as a medical expense?

I have had them accepted many times in the past few years during Post-assessments.

Doctor’s note - unlikely, but I expect most people claim them anyway.
Filling out a Medical form - Probably, depending on the nature of the form.

The completion of health and disability forms by a medical practitioner is considered to be ancillary to the provision of medical services and the associated costs may also be claimed as an eligible medical expense under paragraph 118.2(2)(a).

The amount paid to a medical practitioner for filling out and providing more information for Form T2201 and other certificates qualifies as a medical expense.

Thank you! This is the first year of a major medical expenses claim and I quite certain that there will be a review.

In the event of a medical review, a doctor’s letter and/or prescription if often required by not always sufficient.

In the event of major medical expenses I find it helpful to run a Medical Expense reconciliation report, with reference numbers to the source documents as attachments and the Excel as the summary.

Eligible medical expenses vary by tax year, type of condition, prognosis. For example palliative care, end of life, chronic and persistent long term care may have special allowances which one time expense may not. Having an approved Disability Tax Credit Certificate expands the list of eligible medical expenses.

These are some helpful links.

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