Disturbing phone call from clients

I have had two disturbing phone calls from clients today. Both of them had the same issue.

They both got an email from CRA telling them that there is a new representative on their account.

One client was able to get online and determine that a company 1193595 Alberta Ltd (not me) added themselves as a representative.

The second client doesn’t remember setting up an online account, although he has one for him to get email notifications from the CRA of such changes. He can’t log on to remove the offending representative.

Any suggestions?

I got one of those emails too, but when I looked at my account, it was still only me listed as my representative. I almost forgot about it as a phishing email of some kind.

It’s a clunky fix and someone else might have a better one, but you could do a cancel all reps authrep form and then re-authorize yourself later.

Cory, that company shows up as this:

If you’re interested in clarifying with your client, I can get you the remaining info on the company (address, shareholders, directors, etc.)

Any chance they signed up with one of the organizations promoting help in getting the DTC that you are not aware of?

My wife got one. Through My Account we found that every year when I EFILE her T1 I am recorded as a “new” representative for that year, in addition to my permanent authorization for all years.

I notice the same as @keith1 usually, but it didn’t happen on my wife’s account this year.

Had a few clients mention it this year - I told them to log into their CRA My Account and check their Authorized Representatives. None have reported back to me about anything strange, so I assumed it was no issue. But, now I’m a bit worried. I think I’ll follow up with them. Thanks for reporting @cory.

It’s a chartered accounting company in Calgary

That company is apparently also in violation of CPA company name rules…

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Possibly this firm? Changed their name from Integra Solutions Group Professional to 1193595 Alberta Ltd in July of 2019.

This is the company.

That name was also in contravention of the rules…


May I suggest the correct course of action is calling CPA Alberta and the police… not necessarily in that order…

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Thanks Bert,

I’m going to run the names past my clients first. If they recognize the name(s), maybe the addition is a legitimate addition. I’ll do more investigation.

In any case, is proper due diligence to call CPA Alberta regarding the company name. Our duty to protect the profession from unscrupulous members


Is it possible that this used to be a CMA accounting firm? They were the only professional body allowed to not use a Professional Corporation. As Bert mentioned, they are no longer in compliance with the CPA naming guidelines.

If this corporation, or anyone, is setting themselves up as representatives without proper authorization, I would suggest a complaint to CRA cc the RCMP.

I’m trying to find information on this business (company name / address) :

My client received a small T4 from them but has no idea who this business is, and doesn’t remember earning any other income. He’s trying to figure out if this was a fraudulent T4 submitted using his SIN number. Anyone have insights on how to find more specifics on this company?

"and doesn’t remember earning any other income. "

Get him to check his diary
What did he do in January?
In February?
In March?
In April?
In May?
In June?
In July?
In August?

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$5 here should get you all the details need if still looking… Companies Office | Entrepreneurship Manitoba

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