Deceased Spouse

I am doing a return for a new client’s deceased husband who died in March 2021. Should these be detached and filed separately. I am assuming the answer is yes, but can’t seem to find an answer anywhere.

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No, keep them together. There are still things between Jan 1 and the dod that can be split.

Thank you and greatly appreciated.

Some things can be split past the date of death. In particular, the period for pension splitting includes each month during which the spouses were married (or common-law partners). Thus if the husband died on March 1, the relevant fraction for pension splitting is 3/12.

Medical expenses paid in respect of the deceased spouse may be claimed if paid within any period of 24 months that includes the date of death. Looking back, you might find that you have a medical claim for 2021 even if there not enough to claim in 2020 and/or 2019.