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Deadline to file Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) returns

Has anyone heard if the government has extended the deadline to June 1st for seniors receiving GIS? I haven’t seen anything on this, so as far as I can tell, we still need to file these returns by April 30th to insure the GIS is renewed on time without requiring a renewal form to be submitted to Service Canada.

I found it interesting that CRA was pushing parents to file so the CCB whiich they process, but not a word about seniors and their benefits process by Service Canada.

The processing deadline for those government programs has not changed. If there is no big press announcement… why would anyone think
they have changed?

The government has indicated on several occasions that although the deadline has been pushed to June 1st . … TAXPAYERS should
aim to file by April 30th to allow continuity of other government programs… I take this to mean GST, CCB, OAS and GIS

Thanks, Rachel …
I know there have been several requests on Twitter for this April 30th deadline to also be pushed back to June 1st, but haven’t seen any replies from CRA to those requests. I’m aware the gov’t has asked people to file by April 30th to insure Gov’t programs will continue uninterrupted, but thought I’d check to see if anything changed. I only have one more return shut-in client left that receives the GIS, and I’m picking up her return tomorrow, so I’m not worried about my clients missing the deadline.