CRA TC and TSO Workflows

During the calendar year 2017 most TC’s and TSO’s found their general service times explode. In some cases, these service levels have increased from 3 or 4 months to 12, 18. and 24 months.

To address this significant gap in reasonable expectations of service CRA reviewing all workflows at every level. Expect many changes. It would be prudent check your processing TC or TSO before submitting any paper forms.

In calendar year 2018 for tax year 2017, several long-standing workflows may be reassigned or distributed.

For example

Effective October 23, 2017, the mailing address for this information return has changed. For paper filers, you must use the new address to submit your original return, amended return or additional information. The new address is:

Winnipeg Taxation Centre
Data Assessment & Evaluation Programs
Validation & Verification Section
Foreign Reporting Returns
66 Stapon Road
Winnipeg MB R3C 3M2

As you may already know CRA works on a tax season basis in allocating areas of expertise and workflow.

Each year each Tax Centre (TC) and Tax Services Office (TSO) must report on that season’s results and bid on work for the following tax season. This work includes such items as call centres, correspondence, fulfillment requests, processing, review, audit, and special projects.

Each TC and TSO provides their own staffing which includes full time, regular part-time, and seasonal staff. Each TC and TSO also delivers the training, mentoring, managing, and development of staff and workflows.

In some years the workflow was distributed across several regions or centers. In other years it was centralized.

In calendar year 2018 for tax year 2017, several long-standing workflows may be reassigned or distributed. It would be wise for you to check your destination and workflow team before submitting your paper form, election, or other worklow.

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For the record, it is not only paper returns that have been affected. Processing times for the CRA to process amended and cancelled tax slips were ridicously long, 12-16 weeks in most cases. As tax preparers, please be aware that the issuer may have indeed issued the amended/cancelled slip, even it is not yet available on CRA’s My Account.