Corporate linking part 2

It would be nice if you guys could set aside some time to tweak the corporate linking function.

it still works a bit clunky and it is hard to explain what needs to be addressed.

For instance,

Auto linking;
Auto recalculate of the files to keep the link file up to date in all clients;
many a corporate linking summary

there are more

I have eight corporations linked but can only see four across to open linked files, would be nice to have an open all files option;

See only four options to open files but I have more than four companies

I am on my second year using corporate linking and I can see that having multiple years of linking files in the same directory will become a pain in the neck. Need a better stream lined system for linking, maybe asking which files to roll at the same time and auto create the linking file

This also need to be fixed when I import data into a target file regarding the error message that the CGI does not match

there is no reason this should ever happen, if one file updates, it should update the linking file and if the other files are open, they should update immediately or as soon as they are open.

Appears to be S9 causing the issue