Corporate Linking/CGI

I’m fairly new to using TaxCycle. The firm I was employed at previously was using TaxPrep and they never did linking between related/associated companies as I was told it had issues. I see TaxCycle has corporate linking, but I see some old messages indicating issues and clunkiness with it. Have these issues been resolved? Should I be using the corporate linking? I know in theory it’s a great idea to ensure things like the business limit allocation is the same across the companies, etc. But I won’t use it if it is going to give me more headache than it’s worth.


I think it may be useful in situations where you need to optimize the allocation of the business limit - that is, where the some of the individual corps might end up with high rate tax. But, I have no such clients - my “corporate groups” typically have one corp that needs the SBD and the associated corps have no net income (or very little), so I have found that it is a waste of my time just trying to clear the warnings related to the CGI form. I might even use the CGI form if it “remembered” and triggered the use of the S28 when used in a prior year (but it doesn’t).