Client pre-filing T1 summary email template

Hi all,

Just hoping to get a couple tips on using the template editor. I always email (encrypted!) a draft summary of T1s to clients to review prior to sending out a T183, etc. I always include the amounts payable/refundable for each client in the family in these emails, and a few other highlights. I’m hoping to automate most of this with the template editor if possible.

I’m not very skilled with the editor unfortunately, but here’s what I have so far:

Hi {{ CurrentClient.Info.ID.FirstName }},

I’ve attached a summary of your {{Constants.CurrentTaxationYear}} personal taxes based on the draft we have prepared.

Amounts payable/refundable are as follows:

·{{ CurrentClient.Info.ID.FirstName }} : {{# CurrentClient.T1.RefundBalanceOwing.RefundBalanceOwin >= 0 }} {{CurrentClient.T1.RefundBalanceOwing.RefundBalanceOwing}} refund {{/end}} {{# CurrentClient.T1.RefundBalanceOwing.RefundBalanceOwin < 0 }} {{CurrentClient.T1.RefundBalanceOwing.RefundBalanceOwing} payable {{/end}}

With this I’ve been successful in getting my first bullet point for the primary taxpayer I’m sending the email to with their balance/refund showing. Two things I’ve been struggling with at this point: formatting the amount to include a comma when it’s >$1K, and additional bullet points to show similar amounts for any other family members in the return. I was trying to use the Family Pre-filing Letter Template to get rolling with bringing in the other family members info, but haven’t been successful. Any tips to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated!!


The documentation gives an example of how to get a list of dependants in file ({{#File.Dependants}}{{Info.ID.FirstName}}{{/File.Dependants}}) but doesn’t seem to give any instructions on how to reference information for a particular dependant. I’d be interested in that.

BTW, I do a very similar thing that you described, in emailing draft tax returns and final returns with emails created in the Template Editor. I also have one for emailing queries to client. It has worked very well. Unfortunately, I just caught on to the idea about a week ago.

I played around a bit. The following code gives you a list of dependants and their balance owing/refund. You might have to play with the formatting to get brackets around a refund instead of the minus sign.
{{#File.Dependants}}{{Info.ID.FirstName}} - ${{format(T1Summary.RefundBalanceOwing.RefundBalanceOwing)}}

Thanks so much Kevin! I’ve got the dependents working now, and the formatting is great based on your ${{format trick()}} above.

I’m sure there’s a way to do something similar for spouses, but haven’t gotten it working quite yet - just trying to find the right condition variable.

Thanks for the help - much appreciated! I think this could be a huge time saver this tax season!

Just figured it out with a slightly different approach - this gets the balances for all clients in the return in:

{{# File.Clients }}

  • {{Info.ID.FirstName}} : ${{format(T1Summary.RefundBalanceOwing.RefundBalanceOwing)}}
    {{# File.Clients }} {{> details }} {{/ File.Clients }} {{/end}}
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