Canada Training Credit & Line 11905

My client received a letter stating below:
"There is a new refundable tax credit called the anada Training Credit that 􀀰ould apply to you. This credit was introduced in the 2019 Federal Budget as part of the Canada Training Benefit.

In 2019, you received 712.00 in Employment Insurance (El) maternity and parental benefits. These benefits are used in determining the amount of Canada Training Credit you may be able to claim when filing your income tax and benefit return for 2020 or a later year. Enter this amount on line 11905 of your 20 I 9 income tax and benefit return. If your EI maternity and parental benefits are exempt under the Indian Act, enter this amow1t on line 10019 of your Form T90, Income Exempt Under rhe Indian Act, or your 2019 Credit and benefit return, whichever applies.
The Canada Revenue Agency will provide you with your Canada Training Credit limit for the 2020 tax year on your Notice of Assessment for the 20 l 9 tax year. "

How to handle this?
Client is of 23 Years

Read your second paragraph.

In Taxcycle you can accomplish this at the T4E slip entry.

So even if T4E is from AFR and does not have this value in AFR, we had to manually enter

Yes that will populate the 11905 field in the easiest fashion.

Great, Thank You