Can Quebec file efile/etransmit T1 and T2 on Taxcycle

Hi, Please this is my first year launching out on my own and using Taxcycle based on recommendation. I see on Quebec Revenue website that tax preparer submission is by email not online. Kindly clarify. I will be preparing T1 and T2 for Clients this season.
Can Quebec based EFile for Quebec filing.

TaxCycle Trilogy Software Inc…By mail


TaxCycle does support electronic filing for TP1 and CO-17 as well as a number of other Revenue Quebec returns and slips filing.

See Représentants professionnels | Revenu Québec for information on how to get the necessary filing credentials.

Thanks Sarka

Transmission to Revenue Quebec will also start Feb 22. If you are filing R31 with Tax Cycle you will need a Slip transmitter number in addition to the efile number

Thanks! Will check it now