Business Number formating in templates

This was asked about in 2015, but I cannot seem to track down the solution. I would like to format my business numbers in custom client letters to the format 123456789RC0001, I apologize if there is a solution on here and I didn’t look hard enough, but this has been making me crazy.

Use format() in the template, and make sure the field code you use ends with “Field”.

Thanks Cameron!

@berni If you get stuck again, I try and track all these kinds of small code requests on this page:
You may need to find in the page, but you’ll see a section on business number formatting.

For anyone else looking at this topic, this is the way you need to enter the code:

{{ format(CurrentClient.Info.ID.BusinessNumberField) }}

Thanks Elizabeth – I really appreciate you taking the time to send this to me.


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What if I want to get it to show the business number as the GST number (RT0001) instead of RC0001??

I’m using a template to provide remittance details for all the tax accounts, and need the RT number to show up.

Is there a way to get just the 9 digit business number without the trailing 000 so I can just add RT0001 to my template after the field code??

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I never got a reply on this question… is it possible to get it to only have the 9 digit BN into the templates and not have the trailing 0001?

{{ format(CurrentClient.Info.ID.BusinessNumber, “9999 9999”) }}