Best way to amend a T2

Took on a new client - incorporated business.

After reviewing T2 done by the previous accountant/preparer there are amounts that need to be amended on S125 & S100.

Taxpayer has been made aware that a T2 amendment is required and it will result in more tax owed. They have agreed.

What is the best way to make the amendments? (biggest change will be claiming $5,000.00 in grant income which was not previously claimed)

Is there more than one way to amend a T2? Or do you mean, electronic vs paper filing?

Yes, that is the question.
Currently, I am looking at electronically filing the T2 amendment.
Do you have any suggestions/tips?

Personally, I prefer to file electronically, if possible. I don’t think there are any tips I can give - it’s pretty straight forward. I don’t remember having any difficulty.

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I always appreciate your comments @Nezzer.
You’re very knowledgeable and thank you for taking time out of your day to help.