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Best Tax Prep Courses and Books

I am quite new to the Tax Prep world with just one season under my belt. Because there is so much great knowledge in the community here, I was hoping it is ok to ask a non TaxCycle specific question. Just wondering what tax prep courses you have taken and books you have read that have been the most useful to you as a tax preparer?

We used to use the H&R Block intro course - a month long mornings only course to train our co-op students. Even that was pretty basic - you will learn more in one tax season working under a seasoned preparer than you will from any courses or books. In my experience with students it generally takes about three tax seasons before they are reasonably competent to the point they need very minimal supervision. We do fairly complicated taxes however so if you are working in a much simpler environment (slips on mass produced tax returns) you may not need much supervision by the end of the first tax season and it is time to start more complicated returns - which may mean changing jobs.

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Video Tax News has a personal tax update seminars that are really good. They go across Canada January/Feb

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I also recommend Video Tax News and in particular wanted to mention that they have a ‘Newbies to Ninjas’ tax prep course online that covers a lot of basics that you might find helpful!

lynne beat me to it - Newbies to Ninjas is the best “quick start” course out there.
For reference materials (books) look at Byrd and Chen and the “EY’s Guide to Preparing 2019 Personal Tax Returns” from the CPA Store.

As it happens, the course is open for registration until Friday. Here’s the link I got in my email