Auto hide prior years in client manager

Is there a way in Client Manager options to set the last year to be viewed?
If I you do not want to see any of the years prior to say 2014. I know it can be done with quick search but it would be easier to have a default year so you do not have to keep loading all the data and then filter.


I guess you could move everything prior to 2014 to a directory that is not indexed for the time being; however, it would be nice to just hide what you do not want to see as the number of years slowly increases


Once you’ve saved your Search criteria to filter only the years you want to see (2017 in my example below), you right-click on the saved search and choose “Set as Default Search”.

Now you’ll only see the years you want in the Client Manager every time it’s opened.

Hope this helps…Mike


Yeah I guess, except I still do not trust the filters in client manager.