Auto-Fill My Return

Is there an issue at CRA with Auto-Fill My Return. Every time I try to use this feature I get “Error - ERR.029 This session has timed out.” Is it CRA or have done something wrong?

If you’re trying to reconnect from a dead session you’ll get this message…so the question is how long are you waiting between AFR attempts and still getting this?

(There’s a discussion elsewhere on here about using a browser, logging in, setting a tab reloader in operation and then using AFR - but you have to close each AFR window if lengthy waits between AFR sessions, otherwise keep AFRing and then close all the AFR sessions but leave the original window open and reloading.)

Make sure you close your browser first. As SmallBizGuy mentioned, it may try to resurrect a dead session

Also close previous tab and clear the history.

Thanks all. Working fine now.