Alberta climate leadership adjustment rebate, etc

Neither CLetter not Jletter include a paragraph on the [Carbon levy rebate]. As a tax return must be filed to trigger these payment (and any other carbon levy related CRA payments], I would appreciate this being addressed in the template.

Alberta climate leadership adjustment rebate

The Alberta climate leadership adjustment rebate (ACLAR) is a tax-free amount paid to low and middle income individuals and families. It is intended to help households adjust to the new provincial carbon price.

For July 2018 to June 2019, you may be entitled to receive:

$300 if you are a single individual with no children
$450 if you have a spouse or common-law partner
$450 if you do not have a spouse or common-law partner, but have full custody of an eligible child


$45.00 per additional child under 18 years of age (to a maximum of 4 children)

For single individuals with no children, the rebate is reduced by 2.67% of adjusted family net income over $47,500. For families, the credit is reduced by 4.0% of adjusted family net income over $95,000.

Payments are made in July, October, January and April separately from the GST/HST credit payments.

The program is fully funded by the Alberta provincial government.



Rebates are based on your family net income and the number of people in your household. It’s not tied to energy use, so there’s still an incentive to reduce household emissions.

To automatically receive a rebate you must:

  • be an Alberta resident
  • file a tax return
  • meet the income criteria

Table 3. Rebate income criteria
Rebate amounts First adult $300
Spouse/Equivalent to spouse $150
Each child (maximum 4) $45
Maximum family net income to receive full rebate Single $47,500
Couple/Single parent $95,000
Families $95,000
Phase-out rates Single 2.67%
Couple/Single parent 4.00%
Families 4.00%

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