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AFR slip reconciliation for 10+ slips

I have a suggestion regarding reconciling AFR imports with a large number of slips:

We have a few clients who have very high numbers of slips. For instance the one I’m testing out to present to our T1 preparers has 27 T5008s. It looks like the new pull-down reconciliation window (which I am loving!) is unfortunately not helpful for this many slips because it’s missing a scroll bar. It seems to be maxing out at showing 9 slips, and then there is no ability to scroll down to select/de-select the remaining slips:

I can work around it using the old method, but it would be ideal to be able to scroll down in this case, and for some other clients that have high numbers of T3 slips to reconcile.

Can you please consider adding this, or alternatively let me know if I’m doing something wrong here!

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5 days and no response? I’m waiting to see the answer too - many clients with 15+ T5008 slips

Done for next release, coming in a day or two.

Thanks again!!