AFR (Data) Bug 6.1.31427.0

The diagnostic is wrong, do not use quick fix.

From the new update

Cumulative balance of unused losses calculated from AFR data

Three new columns to the right of the capital gains and losses table calculate the cumulative balance of unused losses based on data downloaded from Auto-fill my return (AFR). The related review message now includes a Quick Fix to enter the calculated balance into the various periods across row A on the Net Capital Loss worksheet. The calculated spread applies oldest losses first.

Diagnostic from AFR data

It properly calculates the cumulative balance of $809; however, it wants to include a balance before May23, 1985 of 268.67;

Which appears to be the difference between 809.00 and 539.33.

If you accept the AFR suggestion,you get the following

That being said, I do like the idea of calculating the balances since the CRA data gives be a head ache every time I do the calculation.

Well, I guess this issue is one of the “it depends” on when the loss is;

My next client calculates properly (sort of) but the loss is in the After 2000 column. There is no diagnostic.

From the worksheet

There must be a tolerance since my carry forward is 738.32 and the AFR is 741.00 due to rounding over the years.

Sorry for the mistake in the determination of the amounts to put in the periods prior to 2001!
The conversion factor needed to be put in twice not once.
As you can see in your example, the $809 is in row A but should be the result after conversion of the row A entry.
The code has been reviewed and using your sample I now get 1214 in row A which converts to 809.

From your note I gather that the cumulative balance does match your expected result or that indicated on the NOA. We would appreciate any feedback indicating that this is working as expected or not. As you pointed out, the data is not easily followed.


Yes, I manually fixed the amount, my comment was not to trust the quick fix since it does not update the schedule properly in certain situations. Thanks for fixing it.