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"Accepted" status on the database monitor

I am new to the software. Is there a way to show the ‘Accepted’ status on the database monitor?

Assuming you are asking about T1 returns, I don’t think you can display the Accepted status on the Database Monitor, but it’s not necessary.

Along the bottom of the screen there should be a light blue status bar that displays the timer, zoom option, whether a T1013 is on file, change language between English & French etc.

TaxCycle also includes Efile Status icons, which is the second indicator, next to the T1013 status. An Exclamation Mark means there are outstanding issues to resolve, a little upload icon indicates the return is ready to transmit, and a Happy Face means the return has been Efiled and accepted.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for the useful information. Is there something akin to this for T2, too? (pardon the pun)


Yes, the same exists for the T2 module.
Its in exactly the same location and uses the same icons.