Zero emission vehicle CCA

Hi, my corporation client purchased an electric vehicle and received iZEV federal incentive. I know that businesses cannot benefit from an enhanced first-year CCA on the purchase of an eligible ZEV if government assistance is received. But can I still put the vehicle in the CCA class 54 not taking enhanced CCA? Capital limit for CCA class is $61k, higher than CCA class 10.1. More tax saving to use CCA class 54. Can anyone share experience?


Class 54 is specifically for ZEVs (see below), so IMHO it would not be appropriate to put one in class 10.1. CCA is a discretionary deduction, so there is no requirement to claim the maximum allowed. You can always claim LESS than the maximum CCA. If the iZEV incentive specifically limits the first year enhanced CCA, simply claim the “normal” CCA (i.e. reduce the amount as necessary on the S8 and/or S8Asset forms).