Auto CCA - class 10

I would like to take zero CCA on class 10 automobile.

Sole proprietor: opening UCC of $15,000.00 (2020)

Taxpayer business KMs: 0 (pandemic).

On T2125 Area A - CCA I entered:

  • Km driven for business: 0
  • Total Km: 1

On the form I see:

  • Maximum allowable CCA: $4,500.00
  • CCA claimed: $4,500.00
  • CCA business purpose: $0.00
  • UCC (ending): $10,500.00

Do I need to override the CCA claimed line to $0 so this taxpayer doesn’t lose $4,500 in UCC from a year when he has not used his automobile for business?

Yes. Override it on the CCA schedule. But put in the correct kilometers for miles driven and total km’s

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You’ll also see “Claim different amount” (YES OR NO) on the cca schedule


This sounds familiar.

100 % Business vehicle and no claim for CCA desired, claim none if desired.

Combined personal and business vehicle with 0 % business in year. UCC as you have it.
Mothballed for the year and not driven I would think you could be okay keeping the opening UCC and ending UCC the same?

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