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Wage Subsidy Program

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this program is targeted only to small businesses that are incorporated ? Why are they EXCLUDING the thousands of businesses that are sole proprietorship or partnerships ? Those businesses have employees!!

As Ronald Reagan put it once, the most dreaded words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’



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… maybe for the same reason why employees who lost their jobs in the restaurant sector because their employer was ordered closed do not qualify for anything other than possibly a regular EI claim… without even the waiver of the wait period.

The whole “Economic Response” is pretty watered down if you comb through the support measures. The biggest relief comes in the form of increased Child Tax Benefit (including people who have not suffered an economic impact from Covid-19) as well as increased GST/HST credits.

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This is sad, I have 4 employees, rent, utilities to pay, my primary source of income will not be there for a few months if i am lucky, due the volume of people that I receive in the store which is not only for tax preparation, I have to probably modify the store to protect my employees, also ask the health department of the city how to manage the large volume of people coming :pensive: and no kind of support for my business to make things a little easier

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It seems the CFIB share the same view… that nowhere near enough support is being offered to help small businesses survive. I found this in my inbox today.

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All the more reason the the CFIB needs to be supported right now!

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And as a tax preparer and a small business, when you do their tax returns this year will they be able to pay you.
I have small business customers who have Accounts Receivable and the businesses are closed and no sales being done. No money in then no money out, so how will they collect and how will they pay us.