Tuition Transfer to Parent from Multiple Children

Is it possible to even up the tuition transfer to parent in the case of multiple children? Have a client with two children and I want to make sure the transfer is the same from both of the children, instead of currently maxing out from one child and remaining goes to the second one. Just want to be fair among the children.

Maximum transfer to parent is $5000.00 and you can select any amount less than the amount available. I will think about the tax benefit of the family instead of being fair to the child. If parents
have more money in their pocket, they will help their children better.

I agree with helping out, it just the parent does not need $10000 credit instead an odd number like 6584.

Then you have the option to choose the amount you want to transfer as long as it’s not more than what is available.

Yes, that is why I want to make a suggestion of having the software to automatically divide the amount among the children.