Template list in template editor

As Taxcycle gets older, and the number of modules multiply:

  1. Would be useful to have an option to not show default templates that are not in use.
  2. Would be useful to be able to default templates in groups, ie. T!, T2, and then again by year of module

The same sort of thing is already available in the print options settings.


Just wondering about this too. Is there a way to specify the order of the templates to use?

I can order it in the Correspondence menu when I am in the client file, but I can’t seem to order it in the template editor. I just named my template with !xxxTemplate so it shows first in a client file, but that doesn’t seem to work in the template editor.

I am way more interested in working with the templates I have customized so it would be nice to see them higher in the list on the template editor.

I know there is a trick somewhere – tips?



No way to order the templates, however you could hide the templates that you don’t use by setting the relevant and used conditions to false:

Just out of curiosity, are there others out there that would like to control the order of the templates in the Prepare index? Would anyone like to control the order of the other forms in the Prepare Index?

~ Cameron


Am not talking here about the Prepare index, what I am talking about is the long, long list in the Template Editor. If I want to get to the templates for the 2014 T5018, I have to scroll through all the 2015 T1, the 2014 T1, the 2013 T1, the 2012 T1, the 2015 T2… (many others), the 2015 T5018, and finally get to the 2014 T5018…

@BertMulderCGA – I understand what you want, and we have this on our to do list. I’d like to also to understand more precisely what @dufordcpa is looking for, and whether others would like some control over the Prepare Index.


~ Cameron

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I am not sure what the prepare index is, but I do agree that the listing of available templates is quite long.

For me, I would like the most used ones at the top. Right now, the order I get is:

NR4 2015
The ALL the T1 templates from 2015 down to 2012, THEN all of the T2’s from 2015 and down and so on.

I am way more likely to use a 2015 T2 Template than an NR4 or a T1 from 2012. But I have to scroll through the whole list. And it always opens up fully expanded.

I see from your comment @Cameron that I can customize each one to not appear but the list is long.

So an implementation like the print options (which I think are brilliant). We can deselect what we don’t want, easily create new print options and reorder any which way we like.

Just figured out the prepare index – Nope I was just referring to the templates.

I was able to get my template to show at the top of the correspondence index just by Prefacing it with a !. Since it displays in alpha order, that was pretty easy to do.


@dufordcpa / @BertMulderCGA

Thanks for the clarity on this. We will address this soon, but probably after tax season.


~ Cameron


Has anything moved ahead with this issue? Now that there are so many more templates in the editor (including a long list of french ones that I’ll never use), is there any way to turn these off so that we only see what want/need to see?

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You can’t turn them off, but we did a bunch of work on making the list more compact, sorting the so English ones are at the top if you are working in English. Also, there is a search box so you can narrow the results you see.

Take a look at our recent Template Editor webinar recordings, if you can spare the time. We did a major overhaul on a lot of outstanding issues:

Or, you can see what I’m talking about in this screen capture.


The documentation has also been updated too with lots of new information to help you with code: