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Template Editor Picture Re-Sizing

I have created templates in the template editor for a customized Dymo label. The label has a bitmap picture on it (a line) similar to my signature on the client letter.

The frustrating thing I find is that if I go into the Template Editor and change anything on any template, the system will re-size any picture that I have in files that I haven’t even changed while in the Template Editor. So if I change one thing in a file, I have to go and make sure I re-size any picture in other templates back to their intended size.

Not what I need to be doing this time of year!


I admit we have had some difficulty with images resizing in the template you are editing, but never with a change to one template effecting the images in another.

We would like to investigate this further. If everything is working fine for you now, we can look at it when you have more time. I’d like to set up a remote session so we can see what is happening on your system. We can do this now if it’s an ongoing problem, or later when you have time if you’d prefer to wait.

We could also look at the contents of your templates folder to see if that has a bearing on what is happening. Can you send those to us when you have the chance?

My apologies for your frustration. Let me know what we can do to help.


~ Cameron

Thanks Cam. I’ll send that through later today. The ability to set that Dymo label up in TaxCycle has been great. Before I had to open up the Dymo program and type the client information. Having it as a TaxCycle template pulling the information in from the T1 really works well, other than the re-sizing issue.